As someone who takes care of my family’s needs such as vacuum cleaners. I learned to look out for certain advancements in technologies that would really impact my everyday life. Articles such as this one really do help especially in dumping down the technical stuff when it comes to technological gibberish.

Why did I research on vacuum cleaners?

So why did I research on vacuum cleaners? Well, the answer is this, most homes have a vacuum cleaner and are being cleaned regularly (or not) by one. So it makes sense every homeowner should know about the latest technology in this area.

According to many companies that manufacture vacuum cleaners, one of the many advances that they have is the cordless vacuum cleaner models that are as powerful in cleaning as the upright ones. You can now own an easy to carry, easy to maneuver and a lighter vacuum cleaner that clean multi-surfaced home effectively. I own a canister type vacuum and my house is a 2-story that has a multi-surfaced floor design.

It has 5 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, 2 powder rooms, a spacious living room, a dining area that can accommodate 10 people and a decent sized kitchen. So a cordless vacuum that can do the work of my canister would help me a ton since I am cleaning a big floor area with different types of flooring.  Best of all, I can also use this type of vacuum inside my car.

This recent technological change has really made me look at cordless vacuums more. They now have a dust bin/canister that is made of clear so you can easily see if you accidentally sucked in a piece of jewelry or small toys. Plus, the clear bin looks very sleek and modern.

Since we are talking about cordless vacuum cleaners they are of course battery operated. They can be a stick, handheld or has an upright look to them but it is always good to look at the charge time and the run time of the unit.

More and more models are able to charge faster, run longer and perform better overall.  Also, the power consumption of the unit will also have a bearing on its cleaning ability, higher voltage means more suction power and, therefore, a better cleaning result.

This last one actually is not a new technology but I cannot stress the importance of this feature in vacuum cleaners. The filter of any good vacuum cleaners should be a HEPA filter. This type of filter traps in all the dust and any kind of allergens in it, therefore, allowing you to clean your home deeper.

I have kids who have allergies and this filter just makes it a lot better for me to manage their attacks by regularly cleaning our house especially their rooms. Some models have a re-usable filter feature in them which saves you money in the long run.

And that is all for the latest technology in vacuum cleaners. These tips I gave you are based on what I have read and researched on my own. Some are based on my own experience and others are personal opinions. This is written in the hopes that anyone who reads this would learn a thing or two about something that is often used inside their homes.


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