Home improvement is actually one of the many ways where you can save a ton of money and because of this many homeowners are considering this method rather than hiring a helping hand.

Before you start doing any kind of home improvement, here is a shortlist of must-have tools for you to have handy.

A set of screwdrivers: Philips and flat end ones.

These guys can be used in so many ways. Be sure to buy the small ones too because they are usually the ones that are used to open those battery compartments in your kid’s toys. You have a variety to choose from but for those who are planning to be a full-time do-it-yourself guy, a screwdriver with rubber grips for comfort and magnetized tips are the way to go.

Tape Measure.

This is a very important tool. You can easily use this to measure the width of the space you have for certain appliances and furniture around your home then use your measurements to measure the furniture in the store while shopping.

Hammer: Claw hammer to be exact

Whatever level of do-it-yourself is a good solid hammer should always be present in the toolbox. There are different lengths and weights available in stores. Some handles are made of wood while others are made from steel, vinyl, plastic or rubber. Go for the ones that have some shock-absorbing qualities in them and are about a pound heavy with a length of 16 inches.


Adjusting wrenches are the best tool for anyone who is building up their do-it-yourself toolbox. They are used to tighten nuts and bolts and also for tightening those leaking water pipes you might have. It is better to have the adjustable ones because then you do not have to buy a set of different sizes.


Locking ones are the ones you have to have. They can sometimes be called vice grips and they are very handy because they lock in place. There are also long-nosed pliers, standard ones and wire cutter pliers.


Ok, so this might not be a real tool but can you imagine having all your tools scattered around. A toolbox will help you get the tools you are gathering organized and easy to find in case you need them. All do-it-yourself guys and gals know this.

A Level

This actually is really helpful when you are planning to mount anything on the wall. Some might use laser levels or maybe download an app on their phone but one that is 3 to 4 feet long and made of metal can also double as a ruler so you can draw a straight line using it.


Have a handy flashlight in your toolbox and this helps you shed some light into those nooks and crannies that are too dark to see properly.

Tip: Always put your tools into their rightful places. Trust me when I tell you that this will save you time and also your sanity.

If you want more ideas about what other tools you can include in your do-it-yourself toolbox, you can watch this video.


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