Hoover CH3000 – Commercial Portapower Vacuum Cleaner, 8.3 lbs, Black – The best Vacuum for Stairs.

Are you looking for the best vacuum for stairs? They come in many shapes, sizes, and big sales, so to help make sense of it all, here’s the best guide which can help you to buy the right vacuum for you.


These are the affordable vacuum for stairs cleaner with decent features of efficient motor power and suction speed that are capable of fulfilling your generic cleaning needs. It is a portable vacuum cleaner due to its decent size and also one of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners. Hoover is a recognized firm for all its vacuum cleaners on sale for offering an acceptable level of services with variant features.


  • Consistent performance on all its vacuum cleaners on sale
  • An ideal example of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners
  • Multiple attachments offer more options for setting up a device as per the kind of space required to be cleaned.
  • Commercial portable power Vacuum Cleaner, 8.3 lbs, Black

Features and specifications

This portable vacuum for stairs cleaner is powered by a 2.2 peak hp motor that doubles as a blower. It comes with eight different attachments to adjust the device for cleaning needs. It also comes with a dusting brush for delicate and glass surfaces that are vulnerable to scratches. The cloth bag to store the dust is reusable as it is easily washable. It is approved by OSHA for commercial use and is one of the decent the best vacuum for stairs for use in house cleaning.

Identity Group CH3000 Portapower Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner, 8.3lb, Black

Customer review and scores

Customers with multi-storied houses have appreciated this portable vacuum cleaner for being the best vacuum for stairs. Its attachment helps reach any corners or space which are manually complex to be cleaned. The pricing of the best vacuum for stairs cleaner is another aspect of being favored by consumers along with its compact size and durability.


  • Replacing hoses if broken by accident is a little problem as the company does not replace it.

Conclusion for choosing the best vacuum for stairs

These are excellent performing handheld vacuum cleaners that offer regular and improved features and performance on all its vacuum cleaners on sale. Also, one crucial and an appreciable fact is that many people consider it as the best vacuum for stairs cleaning.

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