After you’ve bought a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home, the first step is in knowing how it works. A vacuum cleaner has proved to be one of the most convenient appliances in your home.

Without vacuum cleaners, it would be impossible cleaning basic wall to wall carpeting.

Today we have lighter and compact versions of vacuum cleaners as a result of technological advancement. These vacuum cleaners are also less expensive compared to the older versions which were bulky and costly.

Many households do not use vacuum cleaners effectively. This is the reason we have this guide to help you use it most effectively. These are ideas that will help you clean your home effectively.

1. Vacuum window sills to remove allergens

Allergens often get in through your windows if they don’t have the best seal. This mostly happens when you open windows during spring. These substances then sit on the trim around your windows.

You, therefore, need to vacuum often around the window trims of your home. Apart from making your windows look great, the allergens together with other dirt will not be there.

2. Vacuum your quilts and bed sheets

Most households allow pets on the bed and am sure you are one of them. If this is the case, then use your lightweight vacuum to swish over the top of your bed to remove the pet fur. By so doing you keep your clothes away from this fur anytime you sit or sleep on your bed.

3. Use to the vacuum cleaner to clean your books.

The old books you stuff on the shelves need to be often cleaned and kept away from dust and allergens.

A handheld vacuum is preferable for this task instead of using a big vacuum with a powerhead attachment. The best handheld vacuum cleaner is the V6 with a soft brush attachment.

4. Dusting

A vacuum is an excellent appliance for dusting your home. All the dust is stored away in the canister rather than settling on the floor of your room. Isn’t that great?

A soft brush attachment is preferable. Your vacuum can, therefore, take care of all the dust in your home on a daily basis. It is quick and efficient.

5. The Bathroom

Are you surprised? Yes, bathrooms also attract a lot of dust. The steam from the hot shower attracts dust particles into your bathroom. These dust particles are then stuck on the walls, cabinets, and sides of your toilet.

To your surprise, a bathroom cleaner won’t be able to remove this dust. That’s why you need a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush attachment to make the job easier.

6. Drapes, Curtains, Blinds, and lampshades

To maintain the beautiful face of your home, you have to clean the Curtains, drapes, blinds and the lampshades. To save yourself from getting them down for washing, give them a quick swipe using a vacuum.

7. Appliances

From the crumbs that collect in the fridge to the bits of food under your stove, use a crevice tool and a vacuum to remove the mess.

8. Your floors, windows and window screens

This is the first obvious reason you need a vacuum. A vacuum makes it easy for you to clean all these in a single pass. If you leave your windows without cleaning, they can be filthy with dust and other debris. Do you now see what a vacuum can do?

A vacuum is a necessary appliance every home requires. It saves you time and a lot of energy as you clean your home. In fact, it becomes possible for cleaning your home as many times as you can.

You now know where and how to use a vacuum. All the best as you proceed to make your home better.


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