Possibly the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) as seen on TV is such a blockbuster in light of the fact that it offers stunning quality for cash. I’m certain you’ll concur, one of the most exceedingly terrible errands around the house is keeping your floors clean. As your family and companions stroll on them, they abandon bits of earth
they got somewhere else.

Let’s see if the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV365E upright vacuum hardwood floor cleaner meets the promise of easier chores.

What’s So Special About This Vacuum Hard Wood Floor?

Shark Professional Upright Navigator Lift-Away (NV356E)

Vacuum HardWood Floor Cleaner Best Seller -Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV365E

The Lift-Away Pro is an elite 1200 Watts upright vacuum that is too suited for hard floors as it is for rugs.

The cyclonic configuration with ‘no lose’ suction, implies that the earth and dust grabbed are kept in steady movement as opposed to being tossed straightforwardly into a channel.

As the channel has less earth stopping up it, the suction stays consistent without losing from unfilled to full.

The additional substantial dust container is totally fixed so the main getaway for the air sucked in is through the HEPA channel. This guarantees that 99.9% of the earth stays in the vacuum alongside almost all allergens. The area with the dust container and channel additionally lift far from the floor unit giving you a lightweight vacuum ideal for stairs and upholstery.

Elements and Benefits

  • The Navigator utilizes a cyclonic outline to diminish the loss of suction because of obstructed channels permitting the last area your vacuum to be as spotless as the first.
  • By totally fixing the dust compartment and utilizing a HEPA channel, you are ensured that the dust you vacuum off the floor isn’t simply retched into the air and natural allergens are lessened by up to 99.9%.
  • The additional vast dust glass implies you can finish all the faster with less stops to exhaust.
  • The lift-away canister makes it simple to vacuum your stairs, the upholstery on your furniture, and even your auto inside.
  • The swivel controlling makes it simple to get as close as could be expected under the circumstances to any obstructions as you vacuum, giving you a superior cleaning.


There are numerous gestures of recognition for the Navigator in the audits. It has incredible suction that doesn’t drop off as the soiled glass fills. Numerous commentators were flabbergasted at the amount of earth it expelled from floors they believed were unadulterated. Some grumbled about how regularly they needed to purge the dust container however that is another indication of what amount more earth this vacuum grabs contrasted with their old one.

The glass has a decent huge opening so it is anything but difficult to exhaust without needing to achieve in and haul out clusters of frightful hairballs and earth.

The line is a long 30 feet so you don’t need to change outlets, again and again, to take care of business. The suction is flexible to permit you to vacuum region carpets without pulling them up off the floor. The whipper brush can be turned on or off so you don’t need to stress over scratched vacuum hardwood floor or smoldered rug while utilizing the hose.

The vacuum is lightweight at around 14 and a half pounds so your cleaning errands are less tiring. The lift-away part weighs roughly eight pounds so doing your stairs or furniture is to a lesser extent an errand. The channels can be uprooted, washed out, and air-dried to keep the execution at crest levels.


There are a few objections to this model. The hose is considered by numerous to be too short. This makes some cleaning tasks pointlessly hard. The vacuum is effectively tipped over with the smallest draw on the hose which makes it important to keep a hand on it to unfaltering it as you utilize the hose.

A large portion of the connections has no locally available capacity so you need to have somewhere to keep them. This isn’t a major issue however it is less advantageous when you require a connection for particular employment and need to go chase it down.

The Navigator was not exactly intensive cleaning edges. This is a region that not very many vacuums do well and this one is no special case. For the best-itemized cleaning of edges, the hose and a fissure instrument are still required.

The absence of light was additionally single out for negative remarks. This is probably an individual inclination and if a light is most essential to you, you will need to look somewhere else.

The most critical grumbling I found needs to do with Shark’s client administration. The commentators appeared to concur that there has been much change here yet Shark still doesn’t have a notoriety for dealing with their clients. I trust that the change seen so far shows a pattern so I can suggest their items as emphatically as their cost to execution proportion merits.


Toward the starting, I said we would be taking a gander at whether the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright would make your floor cleaning errands less demanding. I accept that has been demonstrated. With the top-performing suction force and the usability, the Navigator will certainly give you cleaner floors in less time and with less work. By grabbing more in every go than the opposition, you need to go over the same spots fewer times to show signs of improvement results.

The notoriety of the client administration office does keep me from giving my most elevated suggestion however is marked down some by the overwhelmingly positive surveys. When you have 86% of analysts giving it four or five stars either the rep for awful client administration is overblown or not very many of their items require the client to contact client administration.

In any case, you win by getting the execution of a Dyson machine at 33% of the cost. This is an incredible arrangement that will keep your floors additional clean for quit.


Welcome to eHandheldvacuum.com. My name is Barbara D. Easterday from Philadelphia. At first, my plan was to form a website that might facilitate others notice the proper household appliance for his or her cleanup job however over a couple of weeks I understood that this central part of a vacuum was quite simply a necessity. it’s truly the process component of any household appliance.

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