A contractor that is not a good fit for you will only cause you hundreds or more dollars and a lot of stress, not to mention the wasted time you invested in dealing with one. So before you find yourself in this kind of predicament, here are a few of the many useful stuff you need to know before you hire a contractor.

A competent contractor will have an outstanding work history and since you are already investigating, you might as well ask about the work ethics and professionalism level of your prospect contractor. Remember that contractors are not created equal, some are more experienced and skilled in certain areas. So be sure to hire someone who knows what kind of work needs to be done for your project.

As I have said before, contractors have specialties, some are floors, others paint and then there are also roofing contractors. It’s this reason why you cannot expect a certain contractor to give you quality work on a certain renovation especially if they have very little experience dealing with similar projects. So the high cost does not equal quality work.

Get in touch and ask questions. These questions that you can ask your contractor may include, what his specialty is/are, how long he’s been a contractor, what credentials he has and some sample picture of his work. Also, a good question to include in your arsenal is if the contractor could itemize his bid price rather than just giving you a bottom-line price and if the price is just an estimate or a fixed one, you can also ask him who his suppliers are and if you have time in your hand, meet with his foreman.

Determine if you can communicate with him well. This is very important as to the difficulty in communication early on means difficulty in communication in the future. Do not assume that you can communicate well with each other if you speak the same language because there are contractors that may not get or see how you envision the finished project to be.

A contractor that presents an itemized bid should get extra points because he is showing you the price per each aspect of the project. With an itemized bid, you get to see how much you are spending on each area and, therefore can make changes accordingly during the course of the project.

A contractor that can work with you within the budget you set is a good pick but beware of the ones who have a history of non-completion or non-conformity because that kind of contractor can costs you more money than save you some.

There is a bunch more stuff you need to know before you hire a contractor but these ones are the most important ones to consider. Do not be afraid to ask more personal questions while talking to your prospective contractor especially if you feel that the answer to the question would help you determine if he is the right person for the job.


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